Lamination and Coating Foils

Our assortment consists of flexible, highly effective, laminated and coating foils made of materials based on refined cellulose, impregnated with durable synthetic resin. The foils are delivered in wood décors, fantasy décors, and special uni-color finishes. The foils are suitable for lamination and coating of profiles, moldings, door and window frames, chipboards, MDF, etc.   The finish variants of our foils are: O.O. (special variant) Wiwood and M.O. (special variant) M.O.S.  they are delivered at a per-gram weight ranging from 50 to 120 g/m2 . The maximum roll width of our foils is 2,200mm. We cut the foils to customer-specified size and dimensions at no extra charge. Free-of-charge are also consultations with the managers and technicians of VAREX, who help you choose the right type of foil.

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