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We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of furniture trims, coating and laminating foils, varnishes, adhesives, and other components for the furniture industry.

Let us present to you our latest offer assorted by LTD manufacturers’ new décors and our new trims. For complete assortment go to Assorted trims and Files for downloading.

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VAREX CZECH s.r.o. has fulfilled the conditions for receiving financial support under the Operational Human Resources and Employment Program for Project entitled "Upgrading of the Employees of VAREX CZECH POLNÁ CZ.1.04/1.1.02/35.01335".

This grant project is financed from the resources of the European Social Fund in the Czech Republic (henceforth only ESF) through the Operational Human Resources and Employment Program (henceforth only OP-LZZ) and the state budget of the CR.


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