VAREX offers a broad assortment of adhesives for the wood and furniture industries. We became the exclusive representative of the Italian manufacturer DURANTE & VIVAN S.p.A.


Founded at the beginning of the 1960’s in the region of Pordenone, the company has a rich tradition in furniture manufacture.  We conduct our own research and development, and our modern laboratory provisions offer a high degree of product support.

The adhesives made by DURANTE & VIVAN find application in the manufacture of furniture, doors, and windows, as well as in the production of trims, profile coating, laminating of door panels, application of foils, hard and soft wood veneers, post-forming coating, and other seaming processes.

In the area of hot-melted adhesives, we offer adhesive types EVA, APAO, and PUR that differ in the degree of heat resistance.  All of these types of adhesives can be processed by means of standard application technology.

Some dealers with coat-application machines recommend product line of adhesive based on DUDITERM, as they guarantee problem-free operation of their machines, maximum effectiveness, and high reliability of the seams.


VAREX provides its clients with professional consulting, training, glue samples for trials, and verification of glued seams in laboratories.

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