Draught-resistant Foils

Anti-draught foils are used as a countermeasure against natural forces in veneers. In addition to the furniture industry, they are also used in the manufacture of window sills, laminated boards, and other furniture components.  Depending on individual customer’s requirements, we can cut foils to specific dimensions and have them printed with the customer’s logo

Technical data


Good draught endurance and technically easy processing

Application options

As countermeasure against draught in veneers and foils applied onto cabinet furniture, ceiling and wall panels, door frame lining, etc.

Color choices

Multiple color options

Raw material

Non-bleached sulfate cellulose


Resin, emission class 1

Final weight

70-160 and 250 g/m2


  • Roll with maximum width of 3100mm
  • External diameter 450, 600-1200 mm
  • Maximum formats: 1300 x 4200mm, 1870 x 4200mm, 3100 x 2500mm


Inner diameter: 70, 76, 150 mm

Storage conditions

Max. storage time 6 months at 20°C and 50% relative humidity

Stamping conditions

  • wet glue application – e.g., urea-resin glue, PVAC
  • recommended quantity - 40 - 100 g/m2
  • stamping machine type – cold or hot process
  • stamping pressure - 2 - 16 kp/cm2 (0.2 – 1.6 MPa)
  • temperature - max. 200°C
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